ZK-7A聚羧酸系保坍劑 (I型)
ZK-7A Polycarboxylic acid water reducer
Slump type additive series

ZK-7A是本公司自主研發的一種具有保坍性能的聚羧酸減水劑,具有低摻量、高保坍、高早強、低收縮和對環境友好等特點。與國內同類前沿產品比較,本品適應范圍更廣,無需復合復雜的其它類型母液即可表現出優異的適應性。摻入本產品可大大提高混凝土的流動性, 改善混凝土的和易性及力學性能。是助推發展環?;炷恋谋U闲彤a品。

ZK-7A is the company independent research and development of a kind of slump retention properties of poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent,has many advantage,include low dosage,high slump loss,high early strength,low shrinkage characteristics.Compared with the domestic similar frontier products,the product is Widely adapted to a wider range,No other types of liquor can be complex exhibits excellent adaptability.This product can greatly improve the fluidity,of concrete,improve the work ability and mechanical properties of concrete.It is boost the development of environmentally friendly concrete protection products.

The main technical performance



3、與多數水泥具有良好的相容性, 解決了采用其它類減水劑與膠凝材料相容性問題。

4、混凝土收縮小: 可明顯降低混凝土收縮, 顯著提高混凝土體積、穩定性及耐久性。



7、經濟效益好: 工程綜合造價低于使用其它類型產品。

1.Slump loss of self-compacting concrete,This product is used alone or With the benefits of water reduction products(ZK-9 Series) compound after use can effectively reduce the loss of concrete,for the improvement of the long distance transportation(1-1.5h) and pumping more favorable.

2.Excellent water retention performance,can make the fresh concrete has good adhesion to gather and package,not easy to segregation and bleeding,can improve concrete homogenization.

3.Most of the cement has good compatibility,and it solves the problem of compatibility which between other kinds of water reducing agent and cement material.

4.Test and analysis results indicate that concrete can decrease the brittleness and promote the flexural strength and abrasion resistance.

5.The product has low chlorine ion content and low alkali content,which is beneficial for improving the durability of concrete.

6.No pollution in the production process of the product,This product contains no formaldehyde and fits the ecologist requirements.

7.The technology is characterized by low construction expense,high efficiency and high economic benefit.







1 Can not be used in conjunct1onwith any rosin type air entrained agent.

2. Can not be used iron container storage for along time,available PE,PVC,PPR and other materials container storage.

3. Do not mix with naphthalene admixture.

4. Can be weighed and measured,over mixed will lead to segregation and bleeding have the possibilily to prolong the setting time of the concrete.

5. It is sensitive to the content of day in sand and stone,when the content of sand is more than4%,the water reducing performance of the poly carboxylic acid additive was obviously decreased.

Packing deliver



3、本產品有效使用期限為一年,超過使用期限應經實驗驗證后使用 。

1.This product is colorless or light yellow liquid.

2.This product is non-toxic,tasteless,non corrosive,non flammable,can be transported by ordinary chemicals.

3.This warranty is good for one year after the date of the purchase of the product.More than the use of the term should be verified after experiment.